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History of TAKNAN JONOUB Food Industries

We are the third generation who are working in the food industry of our country, Iran. 95 years ago and after commencing the wide activities in oil exploration, the first generation decided to migrate from Isfahan to Khuzestan to enjoy such economic boom. My grandfather’s names was Abdorrasoul Meysamifard, born in 1896 AD in Isfahan. His initial activities dated back to 1921 AD, i.e. three years after finishing the World War I. During this era when the weakness of central government was more than ever, the main problem with investors was economic activity without any security. This problem of course could not diminish his eagerness towards the production. A little after agricultural activities for producing the national strategic cereals, he established the first modern factory of flour production in 1931 in Khuzestan Province so that the value chain, also called added value, would be completed in line with his activities. Soon and ten years later, he constructed and put into operation his second miller facility in 1941 when the World War II had drawn the country into the famine so that the food needs of society would be met.

When he died in October 1963, through use of the experiences obtained from the father in production, the second generation established a modern milling factory known as South Flour in 1969 in Khuzestan Province by using the German updated industry of “MIAG” Co. as well as Swiss industry of “Bühler” Company.

With advent of Islamic Revolution in 1978 and start of the Iran – Iraq War, this modern milling complex with a 10-year operation experience supported highly the fronts based on its national duty for 8 years each with 365 days through continuing its production in view of all the damages incurred by the war to the factory; this is from among the honors of the second generation of this Industrial Group. This complex started its activities with a 60-tone capacity about 50 years a ago of which the current capacity is 600 tons per day.

As the war finished and the construction era started, the idea of producing the spaghetti in fully automatic and industrial was came to the mind of this family’s second generation, i.e. my father, Morteza Meysamifard, in order to prevent import of this food stuff from the Turkey. As a result, the big factories of Tak Makaron and Ardaran were constructed. Within the partnership framework with other three economic groups, he constructed these two complexes in 1994 in Alborz Province by enjoying the European updated technology of “Swiss Boler” and they were put into operation in 1997.

Mr. Morteza Meysamifard was manager of these two groups for 18 years and promoted the production capacity of Tak Makaron Company from 60 to 400 T/day.

The third generation selected its origin. i.e. Khuzestan, in 2009 for continuing the activities and established the big factory of TAK NAN by using the state-of-the-art machinery and equipment manufactured in Europe in order to produce various types of industrial bread with a 50 T capacity per day and put it into operation in 2013. As the biggest and most modern food industries group in south west of Iran, this Industrial Group started up the production line of all health-based biscuits in 2016 by enjoying the European updated industry as well as collaborating the German counselors.

Currently, TAK NAN JONOUB produces everyday 70 T of various types of products derived from the flour in this Province.


 “TAK NAN JONOUB Food Industries” Group has been awarded different Licenses, Certificates and Appreciation Letters in the field of food industries.